Tuesday, 15 November 2011


coconut tree climbing machine


Major problem in coconut collector is harvest process. Labor shortages and high of coconut tree make the harvest process difficult .Some fruit broke and damage when harvest process, because the coconut brittle if exposed to strong pressure, or shock. This problem has increased production costs due to difficulties in collecting revenue.
Even, there some invention to climbing coconut tree. It still use a lot of man power, and less care for safety aspect . With this product hope it can help to solve that problem.

My project is creating a device that will climb towering palms to harvest (primarily) coconuts. The majority of coconuts are harvested by climbing the tree and cutting the nuts down by hand. This process may seem simple; however, it is actually quite dangerous. In response, there is a genuine need to develop a device that can help use to harvest coconut.  With over five billion coconuts harvested every year, coconuts play a huge role in the economy of several regions and countries.

There is no 100% safe coconut-harvesting device currently on the market.
Although there have been efforts made by many inventors, the most similar contraption is a coconut-climbing assistance device that assures efficiency, but not necessarily safety.

In an attempt to assist the climbers , I  will design a coconut-climbing device that meets the following goals:

  • ·         Both men and women will be able to operate the device.
  • ·         The coconut climber will be able to harvest as fast or faster than present methods.
  • ·         Less using human power
  • ·         Give more safety to the operate
  • ·         Comfortable and ergonomic to user




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